I am out of shape. Will Krav Maga help me lose weight and get in shape? Definitely! Our instructors incorporate conditioning, flexibility, and strength training into every class. Many students start seeing results in a just few weeks of training.

How long will it take me to become proficient at Krav Maga? Krav Maga is a very fast-progressing system. Part of its design was driven by the need to train people very quickly and very efficiently. Consequently, it typically takes a person of average physical ability perhaps only several months before significant progress is achieved and noticeable.significant progress is achieved and noticeable.

What if I have/haven't taken martial arts classes before? For many people, Krav Maga is their first experience in martial arts. However, we also have many students who come to train with us and have numerous years of experience in other systems. In fact, most Krav Maga instructors have years of training in a variety of systems. Therefore, Krav Maga has proven to be a very open system and welcomes all who wish to participate, regardless of background.

How long are the classes? All classes are one hour long, except Fight Class which is an hour and a half.

What does the Krav Maga logo mean? The Krav Maga logo consists of the letters K and M written in Hebrew, artfully combined to form the symbol of Krav Maga. The K and M are surrounded by an open circle because the system is open to improvement by adding techniques, exercises, and training methods and by eliminating techniques from the system when there is a better approach. Imi Lichtenfeld, the Grand Master of Krav Maga, said of the logo’s open circle: Good things can continue to flow into the system and flawed exercises can flow out.

Do you offer private lessons? Yes. Our highly qualified instructor Paul Skiffington offers private lessons which you can learn more about here.

More information can be found on the sign up page.